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Do you know your maps? If not, would you like to know more? Zoom in and out and pan accross the World map with Map Mania, from Lesotho to South Korea, from the United States to Vanuatu, and from Greenland to Antarctica!

Play horizontally or vertically on your iPhone or iPad!

Can't find that country cause it's too small?
Zoom in and out, or swipe accross the World!

Your score will rely on how close you are to each answer; the closer you are, the higher your points will be!
Uhm, that also applies to how fast you are!

Questions? Suggestions? How about a 'hello'?

Drop us a line about Map Mania! You can send us suggestions for questions you believe are not yet in the game! Or maybe you wanna tell us how much you love playing MAP MANIA! :D